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President's Message

Dave Tabor

President's Message


Greetings fellow ASCP members!

It’s my pleasure to serve you as the 2017 Association of State Chamber Professionals President.

Along with my fellow board leaders, we’re working hard to ensure that you have on point information, great & relevant conference speakers, and training opportunities throughout the year for our members to enjoy, that assist in furthering your mission back home.

We thank you for your support!

Recently we hosted “hot topic” calls with membership experts like Doug Holman from Holman Brothers, Inc, our counterpart in membership from the Michigan State Chamber, Kyle Koch, and others.

Attendance continues to grow on our training calls, which is a testament to the content provided. Please reach out to Tiffany or me for more info on what’s next.

Another new feature we rolled out this year is annual sponsorship opportunities for businesses hoping to connect with the ASCP membership. They’ve been well received, and ASCP has already exceeded our revenue target for sponsorship commitments for the 2016/17 year. And they’re still coming in. If you know of a business that may have interest, please let us know.

Finally, ASCP is now offering association wide memberships, so you can now (for one group rate) enroll other leaders from your chamber to become active with ASCP. This new benefit is what also allows us to report back to you that we’ve already exceeded our target for number of members for the year as well!

It will surely be an interesting year, and we must remain nimble, and continue our focus on being catalytic leaders, and the unifying voices for employers in our respective states.

As traditional industries grow, and altogether new industries arrive on the scene, we in membership must be open to new ideas, encouraging those new voices to heed the call to become as engaged as possible with those associations that support them, and the regulatory bodies that dictate their business operations.

Hopefully by now you’ve been sent registration information for Hawaii, our next chance to come together as a group. Hawaii has come through with some great incentives for the conference, which will make it easier to get there.

On that note, have a great 2017, and we will see you in Hawaii in August!

Thank you,

Aaron Miller
ASCP Board President 2017-2018
VP of Invester Relations 
Kansas Chamber of Commerce

Bronze Sponsors
Council of State Chambers
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