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Member Testimonials

As a Member Testimonials national association, the ASCP is committed to furthering the growth and development of its members throughout the country.

But don't take our word for it. Read what actual members are saying about the benefits they've experienced with their ASCP membership!

Video Testimonials

I've been associated with ASCP for about 5 years now. This is my 3rd conference and what I've found in attending the conference is that not only are you broadening your network with like minded peers and being able to discuss issues that affect specific chambers of commerce, you're also getting activity and engagement into the CEOs that are associated with all these chambers of commerce.

Kevin Carmichael - Vice President of Investor Egagement, Georgia Chamaber of Commerce

I attended my 1st ASCP conference in 2003 in Big Sky, Montana. I had a very specific reason for attending that conference in terms of learning about other state chambers. I continue to come back every year. Every year I come back to the conference, I always walk away with something new.

Joyce LaRoche - VP of Member Services and Program Development, Maine State Chamber of Commerce

I would say the number one reason I come back every year is to reaffirm what I'm doing and why it's important that I come here and talk to my peers in other states and make sure we're on the right path to being successful in membership. All those state chambers were willing to help me and get me on the right path.

Aaron Miller - VP of Investoer Relations, Kansas Chamber of Commerce

I would encourage new employees to state chambers to get involved with ASCP. Not only new employee but those who may have shied away from this conference because it's just a wealth of knowledge and really a think tank for one another to help each other out as a support system nation wide.

Tricia Smith - Senior VP of Events & Politica Fundraising, Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry

I continue coming back to the ASCP conferences because it's a great group of professionals willing to share ideas on what's working and what's not working. I find it very valuable. We all have a job to do to make our organizations stronger financially and this is the one place you can come to learn to do just that.

Ed Troha - Vice President, North Carolina Chamber


I just finished up my first month at MEC. I'm excited and feel empowered and scared all at the same time. That said, I can't imagine how I would feel right now had I not attended the ASCP Conference first. I have much to learn and do here in Mississippi, but I'm confident I'll get it done with the support of the ASCP.

Kelly Boutwell - Directory of Member Involvement, Mississippi Economic Council, Jackson, MS

I don’t remember how exactly I decided to go to my first meeting, but it probably was one of the best things I ever did. I would highly recommend anybody that is in that (State Chamber) arena now to make ASCP a part of their educational process.

Barry Kennedy - President, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln, NE

Probably whats most important to me is we're all not in competition with each other. There are 50 states in the union. We can all get together, at least just once a year and speak to each other and share ideas. We’re sharing ideas and not in competition with each other.

James Berringer - Vice President of Membership, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln, NE

Thirty years ago I started in this business in Pennsylvania, spent a little time in Kansas, and every step along the way this organization, ASCP, has been a pretty integral role in helping me understand what are the important trends in the business, what are the best ideas we can come and compare notes on and move forward.

Lew Ebert - President and CEO, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Raleigh, NC

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